20161111: Enota Mountain Retreat, Hiawassee, GA

When we left Clemmons, NC, we traveled southwest into the northern mountains of Georgia. We followed our GPS directions to the Enota Mountain Retreat where a number of other campers from the Facebook Fifty and Over RV’ers – Life on the Road group was gathering for the weekend. Given the fun and light-hearted postings on the group page, Jim and I thought we would check it out. We met some great people and sampled a variety of soups, stews, tacos, burritos, comfort food, wine, beer, and key lime margaritas. I was particularly grateful to meet Chris and Tami from Florida who shared their DirecTV reception for the Minnesota at Nebraska football game. They made great Husker fans.

Throughout the weekend, smoke from a number of forest fires loomed over our festivities. On the drive down, we passed a few firefighter crews on the road and I worried that we might have to find a different route. We did not and arrived safely at the campground. The effect of the dry weather was evident in the water level of Chatuge Lake. We watched helicopters collecting water from the lake to transport to active fire areas. The only real impact on our weekend was a fire ban that suddenly went into place on Saturday evening. We learned about the ban when several fire trucks arrived in the campground with sirens blaring and lights flashing.

This photo gallery contains pictures of the retreat area. I shared my pictures of the Key Lime Pie festivities in the Facebook group (note that it is a closed group and you may not have access unless you are a member of the group). Our drive out on Monday, November 14, was simply amazing for multiple reasons. I was unable to stop and take any pictures since I was driving along a two-lane mountain highway and was unable to stop. I am taking on a personal challenge to write about that drive in a way that someone else can vividly imagine it and I’ll be able to remember it for years to come. Another post, another time.

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